Conclusion: The answer I believe is simple, make your site unique, have your own style, be anti-conformity.    Make your site say literally “hey, look at me”.   This is what I am offering you, I believe any type of website has the potential to be unique. Unique and interesting features can be added to […]


How to get more traffic to your website for free. In this article we will explain how to get more traffic to your website for free. You have invested time, money, sweat and energy (and probably even a few tears) into making your website. Your website is as user friendly as possible and showcases your […]

Why SEO matters more than ever

Why SEO Matters More Than Ever Why SEO Matters More Than Ever? Over time it has become extremely difficult to get website traffic because there is so much competition out there. SEO is all about improving your ranking in search engines. Can you imagine how much traffic you would get if you were on the […]

SEO Benalmadena

SEO in Benalmadena As an SEO agency in Benalmadena, we will provide you with your own personalized SEO plan for your business. Most website owners will already know something about SEO basics. Here you’ll learn what the big search engines think about SEO. You’ll learn the best practices, including those from Google and Bing, that […]

Write Content that matters

How to write effective content How to write content that is effective. Whether your goal is to boost sales, attract new customers or generate leads, content plays a crucial role. It’s not just about having content, but rather about having good content that’s relevant, valuable, and engaging. And in today’s content marketplace, both quality and […]

Designing Web Site

designing a web site Designing a web site. There are five basic principles of web design. Each one of these principles helps to ensure a website performs correctly. Therefore, make sure that one principle doesn’t let down the entire website. Here are the five elements to web design: Content There’s no denying that ‘content is […]